Travelling to Australia


All travellers will require valid visas to enter Australia.  The type of visa you apply for will depend on your citizenship.

The easiest and cheapest (it’s free!) visa available for attendees of this conference would be the eVisitor visa (*

The next cheapest is the ETA (*

*ONLY passport-holders of particular countries are eligible. Please make sure that you hold a valid passport from the countries listed under each visa type.

To be doubly sure, check here that you’re getting the correct visa:


Please be aware that Australian Customs and Quarantine have very strict guidelines about what can and cannot be brought into Australia. If you are in doubt, please declare the goods you are bringing into Australia. Customs website:


January is summer in Sydney and temperatures can occasionally get up to 39 deg C (more often, the summer temperature is around 32-35 deg C).  Although the conference meets indoors, you might want to bring a good sun hat. You might also wish to bring a light jacket for the evenings. UNSW is close to the beach, so you might wish to pack a pair of good walking shoes (Coogee Beach is 40 mins walk; 15 mins by bus).

The Sydney weather forecast is available here:


The Sydney Festival is a major performing arts festival held during January. Many of these events are held at venues including the Sydney Opera House. If you are interested, it would be wise to book as soon as possible as tickets run out quickly.


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